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Jingbo Petroleum Machinery CO. LTD, Jingxian County Hebei Province, founded in 1986, is the first grade network department of CNPC, CNOOC and SINOPEC and the fire-proof hoses branch company of well control units manufacturing center of CNPC. It is a member of IADC. ISO9000 quality management system of China Classification Society was certified. API Spec 7K, API Spec 16A and API Spec 16C was certified.
The company was named high-tech enterprise in 2009. It has advanced production equipment, complete inspection measures, all sets of processing equipment of manufacturing high strength hose, mechanical machining……


  • High Strength Drilling Hose

    Purpose:suitable for rotary hose for flexible connection between the top of the drilling riser and the vertically movable water faucet in the oil drilling and mud delivery systems,and for the adjustment of installing error between the drilling pump line and the riser for the connection and vibration isolation.

  • BOP Control Hose

    Scope of application: The hose for well control-GNG high-pressure, fire-resistant and heat-insulation hose assembly is mainly used for the hydraulic control of the BOP for drilling and for hydraulic transmission at high-temperature and flammable places in the metallurgic industry.

  • Flexible Choke Kill Line

    Applicable to connection at locations when drill platform, semi-submersible drilling vessel or drilling vessel moves relatively and the installation dimensions of the drill rig subsequently change,and to delivery of oil,gas.mud and other high pressure media (including mainly relief line,blowout control line and choke kill line).

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